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  • What IS Kickstarter?
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  • What does Kickstarter get?


Kickstarter is an awesome crowdfunding platform that allows people like you to meet people like us to help projects like Quoteagious come to fruition by your donation to our cause. :)

The world’s largest public funding platform for creative projects, Kickstarter is a microfunding solution for artists and entrepreneurs to find support for their projects. Kickstarter helps turn dreams into reality and makes ideas come to life by utilizing this method of crowd financing, which supports a collective approach to raising capital via soliciting contributions from the general public in the form of donations, philanthropy and sponsorships.

With a unique all-or-nothing approach to funding, Kickstarter strikes a chord with both creators and funders by allowing enterprising individuals to bypass traditional establishments to create films, music albums, events, and even products. An online hub, the platform provides both a product showroom and public forum, where everyday buyers greenlight projects by voting with their wallets. And in response, every week, tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields.

A new form of commerce and patronage, this is not about investment or lending. While project creators keep 100% ownership and control over their work, everyday folks can contribute without breaking their banks in return for boasting rights to having helped a valuable project succeed and unique rewards (check out ours!) in the form of products and experiences that are unique to each venture.  Meanwhile, profits from every sale, starting with the first one, help keep the lights on and new ideas flowing to support projects’ and companies’ self-sufficiency.

Maybe you always wanted to be part of something on the ground floor…  Maybe you always wanted to say, “I knew them when…”.  Maybe you simply like supporting people who invest their blood, sweat and tears to pursue their dreams…

Whatever YOUR reason, Kickstarter is the platform that allows people like you to connect with people like us to come together to take a project like Quoteagious to the next level.  :)



It’s a simple 4-step process   :)

1) You find an interesting project on the Kickstarter.com website (that’s us!!) that you would like to see achieve its goal (like Kickstarting Quoteagious!!)  The objective as well as the funds needed to accomplish it are provided.

2) You check your bank account and decide just how much you want to support the venture’s efforts — in some cases projects accept donations for as little as $1 (like us), and of course they don’t turn down more (like us!)

3) You pledge your donation thru Kickstarter, with your credit card via their  Amazon.com relationship.

4) Kickstarter adds your pledge toward the posted goal.  Although the public cannot see the details on individual donations everyone can see the new reduced difference needed to meet the goal, as a result of your pledge and the pledges of others.

Goals are tied to a deadline which is also posted.  The project must meet the posted goal by the deadline in order to receive ANY AND ALL of the pledges.  This keeps you from donating toward a project that doesn’t receive enough pledges to meet the financial requirements to complete its goal.  Therefore, donations are not actually available to the project managers until the deadline and ONLY IF the posted goal is met.

Projects CAN exceed their goals and often do when they have a compelling story or an interesting project.

Donors are only charged (like a purchase) the amount of their donation.  They receive no additional fees and their protected payment information is completely secure and confidential.  Those behind the project you donate to may know how much you donate to their cause but they never see or have access to your financial information.

Kickstarter is a trusted processing house, as you can see from the thousands of individuals and hundreds of thousands of dollars they have processed.

Pledge your donation now :)


Well of course you get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a difference to a hopeful enterprise (like us!)

In addition, many of us offer our gratitude via rewards we extend in return.  The rewards (check out ours!) are usually related to the project, including sample widgets or public acknowledgment.  The rewards are listed with our other info on the Kickstarter site – - as incentives to encourage you to demonstrate your generous support

In NO case are you “investing” in the companies in return for profit-sharing or ownership.  Kickstarter offers more of a bragging rights opportunity, often with some unique and creative rewards (check out ours!) in addition.

Choose your level of rewards now  :)


If they are not getting a cut from you, you might wonder how much of your donation is going to them and not to us?  A very small percentage.  Between Kickstarter and the financial processing house they use, projects only see a fee of about 7% — and only if they actually meet their goal and receive funding.  The projects who do not meet their goals are not charged.

Help Quoteagious meet our goal  :)


Check out our supplemental More Kickstarter FAQs.

Of course you can always visit Kickstarter.com or contact us if you have additional questions about donating through Kickstarter.



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