The Primary Operational Components

Quoteagious: Our Kickstarter Goal: The Primary Operational Components: The Golden Egg

$25,000 +

What would YOU do with $25,000 or more?
Here’s what Quoteagious would do...

Let’s start a company!!

The most primary operational components we need include:

  • great content readied for distribution in the form of deliverable products
  • a website to support our business and community initiatives


Quoteagious: Our Kickstarter Goal: The Content



The Content

While our content is easy to appreciate and fun, the process of creating such high quality work requires time, talent and effort.
Like other works of art which are created with specific intention, our Content is no easy or quick or free initial production either.

Just ask any of the multiple team members it takes to produce a single image, let alone a whole Theme, and not-to-mention an ever-expanding library of Content.  Whew!!

We spend a lot of time baking up Quoteagious Content so it comes out “just right”  – - from the exhaustive research to the striking imagery, from the many design phases to the process of readying content for distribution in the form of a deliverable product and all the tracking, quality-control, and managing that needs to be done to produce not just one extraordinary image but Themes of extraordinary content.

Interesting Facts: 

  • Our trained, experienced and educated associates receive numerous hours of training
    and constant meticulous review when they join Quoteagious
  • The Founder, Michelle Melanson, not only personally trains our highly talented and
    skilled staff and other key associates, but she gives the final approval on ALL the stages
    of production to ensure our content meets our standard of exceptional and magical
    quality before it moves forward or is released to the public

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Quoteagious: Our Kickstarter Goal: The Website

The Website

Quoteagious is not your ordinary website.

When it comes to our website component, as well as our identity – -Quoteagious IS dynamic.

We need a site that satisfies all of our required business and marketing features, contains additional important features for supporting and empowering our growth, and includes capabilities so that we can run and promote in the most effective and efficient ways possible our online business and community-minded initiatives such as The Ambassador Program, which gives value back to the community and to our users, and which provides a grassroots guerrilla marketing vehicle for our work that builds goodwill.

We have a lot to do, and we need the right tools and features to support our efforts both now and as we grow into the future.  

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With these aspects in mind…
We also have to create a goal that we think we can meet with your help.  Remember, if we fall short of nearly achieving our goal, the money pledged is cancelled and not released to us.  Therefore, we have to resourcefully project for a financial target that balances meeting our operational goals as well as offers a reasonable means of being achieved.


Without your help and the additional help of others, our great ideas and hard work invested in them will not come to fruition.  Without funding, our content will not meet the needs of those it could help nor delight those who might receive it as a significant expression or gift.

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