About Kickstarter

Quoteagious: About Kickstarter

is an awesome crowdfunding platform
that allows people like you
to meet people like us
and do something like

We have a good idea   :)
But not enough money to fund it   :(

You like our idea   :)
…and maybe would even purchase our product if only it were available     :)  +  :)
…but it’s not — because we lack the funding to produce it     :(  +  :(

So we both feel bad for a while     :(  +  :(

But then you think you might help us fund the project     :)  + :)
…but then you realize you don’t have enough money to fund it all by yourself     :(  + :(

But another friend likes our project too :)
…and agrees to ALSO contribute to help fund the project     :)   + :)   + :)

Now we have enough to help us complete our project :)
…And give EACH of you one of the products in return      :)   + :)
…And to make more products for the both of you and for others to purchase in the future :)   + :) + :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Gosh, wasn’t that   :)??!

That’s how Kickstarter works!


While it’s fun to have a good idea, it’s more fun to share it.
And it’s fun to share in a good idea, too! 

Maybe you always wanted to be part of something on the ground floor.  Maybe you always wanted to say “I knew them when…” or “I was a part of that too!”  Maybe you simply like supporting people who invest great efforts to pursue their dreams.

Or maybe you’d like a creative acknowledgment in return??


Here’s your chance!!

Whatever YOUR reason, Kickstarter.com is the platform that allows people like you to connect with people like us to come together to take a project like Quoteagious to the next level.

Ok.  Let’s play!!
Where do we start?

If you’re ready, go directly to www.Kickstarter.com/Quoteagious
If you need more information, find out more at What IS Kickstarter


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