Our Kickstarter GOAL: Financial & Operational

Quoteagious: Our Kickstarter Goal: The Primary Operational Components: The Golden Egg
What would YOU do
with $25,000?

Here’s what Quoteagious would do..
Let’s start a company!!

How did we come up with that number and what are we planning to do with it? 

In planning our Kickstarter Goal, we took a number of things into account — which included:

  • What do we want to accomplish?
  • What will that cost?
  • How much do we need to raise to achieve that amount (subtracting Kickstarter fees, plus
    the actual cost of the Rewards we are offering in each incentive package)
  • How much do we think we can reasonably raise?
  • And then of course, the great question… What is that magic number that best satisfies all
    of those criteria?
  • And finally given that number… Which operational criteria are “must have”‘s and which will we
    have to compromise on for now?

After careful consideration and much deliberation, we have set a minimum target of $25,000 to reach.

View the sub-tabs of this page to learn about the specific operational needs and to view what our target goal includes, plus some other targets worth shooting for!

Keep reading to learn about what we need, why we need it, and see all the exciting things we can do if you can help us to raise more…


$25,000 or more:
What would YOU do with $25,000 or more?
Here’s what Quoteagious would do...

Let’s start a company!!

The most primary components we need are:

  • content readied in deliverable forms
  • a website equipped to support our commerce and marketing goals as well as our initiatives to give back to the community

Help us start this company and KICKSTART QUOTEAGIOUS with your contribution now



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