Quoteagious is excited to offer individuals, couples, families, businesses, groups and organizations a unique opportunity to play a very special part in the development of our products and in the startup of our company.

Through our Adopt-an-Image℠ and Adopt-a-Theme℠ programs, people just like you can see just exactly what their contributions have achieved- – and say “I did THAT!”

Whether you are sponsoring the equivalent of one brick, or a whole room built from them, you and others can now take a walk through our Library of Content to see the very components your contributions make possible — Content for Your Life.

With Quoteagious’ unique recognition program, not only do you have the satisfaction of specifically seeing what your contribution has made possible – - but so does everyone else.  That’s right.  View-and-choose from the available content to sponsor — from a single image to an entire Theme.  As a result of your support, others can then choose-and-view our funded content and the sponsors like you who make it all possible.

Leave Your Footprint in the World…
Quoteagious lists your name on every Product Page of the content you sponsor as the valuable friend who made that content possible.  In addition, your name serves as a link to a personal “About Our Sponsor” page about you that includes your photo, a write-up, and a personal message from you that shares your reasons for sponsoring that particular selection.  A comment box allows visitors to publicly communicate in return their shared interest and appreciation for your part in making something possible that’s valuable to them too.  Meanwhile, you can also be found in a special section dedicated to our “Sponsoring Friends of Quoteagious” that includes a wall listing our sponsoring friends with links to their personal pages.

Want to dedicate an Image or entire Theme to someone special and have their memory live on through the valuable messages and impacting images people love about our products?

Choose to dedicate a Theme or Image and give your loved one the special opportunity to be associated with the selection of your choice.  We’ll post a photo of them, OR the two of you together, include a write up, and a tribute to them from you.

Upgrade to include a PHOTO ALBUM for yourself or your loved one
Upgrade to include a hardcover edition of the Theme or volume your contribution helps makes possible, personally signed by Founder Michelle Melanson.  With this compilation of all 30 images in print, each individual work is also complemented by “About Our Sponsor” information on the opposing page.  If you’re sponsoring or dedicating the whole 30-set, you’ll see that acknowledgement right up front.

Most importantly, YOU make a difference…
In addition to playing a valuable part in the start up of our start-up, the content you choose to sponsor may  inspire someone else, while your very act of sponsoring our content may inspire others to do so too, helping to create MORE Content for Your Life – - and for others too!!

Help Kickstart Our Content and leave your footprint in the world.


View the options NOW  :)

Learn more about… Kickstart Our Content: HOW IT WORKS


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