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Another day forward… toward making a difference

For me, Quoteagious started out, and has always remained –-
the opportunity to make a difference.

Quoteagious: A Message From The Founder: Another Day Forward

When I could not bear to begin another frustrating,
unrewarding day…
when the covers were as heavy as my heart…
when I should have been pursuing “something else”,

What compelled me to put my feet on the ground
and give it a go for another day,
was my commitment to making a difference
and my commitment to those of you I have the opportunity to impact.

For it is you who have infinitely counted and profoundly mattered as the incentive and motivation to push myself another day forward

when beyond further count have been the tears, fears, and doubts… unnerving struggles, unfathomable obstacles, and formidable challenges …followed by more struggles …followed by more fears and tears.

The light which has been my guide in the darker than darkness is my certainty that I have matter that matters –- even if to only a few, a population as relevant as any other mass …or few  - – and I have accepted the responsibility to see this opportunity of insight through to fruition, delivering it to those of you for whom it matters.

Despite the extension of my invested time and confronted tribulations, it is in the greater scope I realize that if but a mere small window of my overall life in devotion to this project produces something that is significant to someone with regard to their quality of life and/or how they perceive it or pursue it, then my efforts toward a meaningful contribution are satisfied.

And should I fail in offering significance to another, then it shall only be by fault of my ignorance that I offer such capacity to do so -– but not by fault of my not doing, believing, exposing vulnerability, or efforting passionately.

I can only hope that how I have spent my time towards actualizing this project does indeed result in some valued meaning for others, perhaps even you — but in light of that possibility, I will not wonder “what if…?” or “what could have been?

Therefore, to you Friends, Strangers and those Of-Curious-Mind…

I hope that you or someone you value find(s) value in some aspect of this committed creation.

However, if you find nothing more than reason to pursue your own inspiration or dream in comparison, or if only to prove it can be done and without fear of failure, then you have so gained from some feature of my fortitude and formation here.

Of course, if by chance you would benefit from inspirational, motivational, or empowering support to further engage your potential and your destiny, you have arrived at the right place for that too. And to you I extend an enthusiastic invitation to explore THAT which we offer… :)

It is with profound drive, generous heart, and tenacious passion, I present to you Quoteagious…and all the possibility it has to offer.

…With the hopes you will extend yourselves to aid me in its achievement as well as enjoy the rewards of its return.


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