Starting This Start-Up

Quoteagious: Starting This Start-Up: The Adventure Begins: Page 1: Boat
The Adventure Begins
A more personal account
and reflection…
from Founder Michelle Melanson
While many people believe that having your own business is the American Dream, what is often less recognized is the ‘nightmare’ of its start up.
‘Start up’ is the initial ‘sink or swim‘ period, where you put all that you’ve got into your own personally hand-crafted boat called “taking the chance on creating my dream” — where you risk the soundness and potential of your idea ..the judgment of others …and failure.
And that can be pretty intimidating.
However, standing on the shore with
your “what if?“s and “what could have been?“‘s
is like sending out a message in a bottle
from the island where you are stranded—
hoping for rescue rather than
building your own raft.

We can surmise that building your own raft
may take more than one attempt to get it right —
especially if you’ve never done it before.

You may get wet. You may also learn to swim.
Quoteagious: Starting This Start-Up: The Adventure Begins: Page 1: Bottle
Curious?? How does it end??

Be PART of the story that contributes to a happy ending
for Quoteagious as well as the others it has the opportunity to touch.

Check out: Have a PART in The Story of Quoteagious
Want to know more about the start up of THIS start-up?
Read more of the personal account and vulnerable reflections from Founder Michelle Melanson about her experience and her relationship with this monumental little idea and their journey together.

Check out: Starting THIS Start-Up
…and the many subtabs it includes
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