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Quoteagious MOTHERHOOD Theme

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This Theme is currently accepting Adopt-a-Theme℠ or Adopt-an-Image℠ sponsors.  Click on individual IMAGE LINKS below for details on becoming a sponsor.


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and make it a DEDICATION to someone special — a great tribute to your mom, to your wife from you & your children, or even a soon-to-be mom. :)


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Quoteagious is proud to introduce Motherhood, a Standard Theme, to our family of adoptable up-and-coming content, as part of our greater Celebrations Series.

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you not only bring the specific content you sponsor to the world, but you also help move forward the release of the full Theme.

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your name and hometown will be highlighted on the Product Pages of all content sponsored.  In addition, your name will serve as a link to your personal “About Our Sponsor” page, which includes your photo, a write-up, and message from you.  A comment section allows others to communicate their appreciation or share their unique relationship to your specific selection. You will also receive a complementary Download of this Theme and a certificate signed by Founder Michelle Melanson, honoring you as an OutSTANDing Kickstarter.

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